Ginger Processing Unit : A Leading venture in Nepal promoting Organic Spice Products

Establishment of a processing plant to increase the production by five times in value.

Investors of the Joint Venture Company (JVC):

I. The Organic Village Pvt. Ltd BV, Netherlands
II. The Organic Valley Pvt. Ltd.
III. Investors Home Pvt. Ltd
IV. Organic Mountain Flavour – Processing factory. The JVC will work under the name of Organic Mountain Flavor Pvt. Ltd. (OMF).

Major focus of the Project:

Improved the Ginger farmers income
Improved the women participation
Improved the International Marketing Structuring
Improved the product standard by quality processing

Goal of Project

  1. To increase the ginger farmers possible income by about 40% to 60% of the Chhinchu – Jajarkot Road corridor and Surkhet – Dailekh Road corridor ( Lekhpharsha, Pamka, Ramghat, Dharapani, Chande, Baraha, Malneta, Awalching, Agri, Seri, Devsthal etc) through its production and marketing linkage with ginger producing groups and cooperatives for long term basis.
  2. To promote the national and international marketing of Nepalese organic ginger product.
  3. To improve the participation and income of ginger farmers especially poor, women, Dalits and Janajatis through supporting in the production activities of organic ginger and creating additional employment opportunities in the project areas.
  4. To improve product standard by quality processing and sustainable market.

Objectives of project

  • To enter into strategic partnership with foreign incorporation and institutions to boost its export.
  • To establish processing plants in centre and three regional level to increase its current production by five times in value,
  • To conduct research for market expansion and new product development,
  • To introduce new products to foreign and domestic market,
  • To add value with the introduction of Mountain Products,
  • To take a quantum leap in promoting technologies for renewable energy,
  • To make arrangement for financing its infrastructure, working capital and facilities with grants and combination of additional equity and debt,
  • To become one of the leading private sector organization by establishing a brand name as a dealer of organic and agriculture products by fifth year if initiating additional investment plan, or before,
  • To realize a positive return on additional investment within the next 48 months or before

Target Groups

  1. Ginger farmers of the Chhinchu – Jajarkot Road Corridor and Surkhet – Dailekh Road Corridor.
  2. Ginger farmers with special focus on poor, women, Dalits and Janaja

Project Approaches

  1. Collection of ginger from farmers.
  2. Establishment of factory for ginger processing in the Surkhet region.
  3. Export of 80% of the products to 3rd country.
  4. Bring foreign investment.
  5. Collaborate with producers as stakeholders.
  6. Provide technical facilitation.
  7. Purchase on contract basis.
  8. Organic Certification Process.
  9. Assurance of premium prices.
  10. Contract with farmers.
  11. Joint venture with 3 companies – national and international companies.