The Organic Village Pvt. Ltd was founded in 2003 with the objective to sell agro based products in the domestic and international market. The Organic Village Pvt. Ltd was involved in Kathmandu Waste Management Project in 2011. So in order to compliment the organic related works associated with Kathmandu Waste Management Project The Organic Valley Pvt. Ltd (TOV) took the center stage.

Though, its work profile can be traced back to 2003, TOV was officially registered in 2011 along with organic agro products business, TOV is involved in

  • Attracting foreign investment
  • Conducting research panning from East to West region in Nepal
  • Creating Farmers’ Network
  • Collaborating with government and non-government bodies
  • Project Concept Development

The strength of TOV is its formidable value chain structure and international market outreach.
TOV focused on volume based product that could benefit the local villagers and help them with local economic development.
TOV launched with two primary product

  • Spices (ginger, turmeric, cinnamon and Himalayan pepper) &
  • Coffee

In 2011 we started exporting ginger by outsourcing from others and in 2012 we came with the thought of sustainable industrial development. We focused on ginger & turmeric and eventually it led to the establishment of our daughter company Organic Mountain Flavor (OMF) in 2013.