Who We Are

The Organic Valley Pvt Ltd processes and markets Organic Agro-Forestry products grown by smallholding farmers.

Our team is composed of enthusiastic and self-motivated young professionals who share a common vision to help local people through social marketing. Our project assistance extends to many communities in Nepal by offering support and promotion for organic produce (both cultivation & markets) and for community-based environmentally & people friendly practices. We see our role as an integral part of a circle: encouraging local production (mountain people products); locating and fostering markets for selling the goods; returning the revenue produced back to the communities, along with environmental education; sharing in-community initiated activities directed towards reduction of land degradation and deforestation, with the overall understanding of maintaining an ecological balance.


To improve the lives of rural people in Nepal through appropriate market creation of organic agro forestry products and community-based environmentally friendly products.


To reduce poverty, reduce the effects of climate change, decrease land degradation, decrease the use of harmful chemicals in farming, and support environmentally sustainable farming methods that will preserve our valuable ecosystem for future generations.


  • To enhance market opportunity for organic products to the domestic and global markets.
  • To make the organic agriculture one of the country’s greatest economies, generating cash market in future.
  • To support for the improve performance of the organic production / market chain, farm inputs, production, processing and trade etc
  • To assist in reduction of effects of climate change and land degradation through expansion of Organic Agriculture.
  • To improve the livelihood of Nepalese farmers of diverse agro-ecological and socio-economic levels
  • To alleviate poverty by revitalizing inherited indigenous knowledge and attract more communities to engage in local skill development activities.

Working Modality

  • Partnering with Government Organization, forestry network, farmers and communities network.
  • Joint Venture with National and International Partners Organizations.
  • Direct beneficiaries are farmers/ producers and communities, food processors, traders and end consumers of organic Products.
  • Working in collaborate with different organizations & cooperatives. The sister organization LEAD Nepal is responsible for training and development of organic farming. Similarly it will coordinate with other NGOs and donor agencies to required funding for non-profit activities.
  • Certification of products through various international certification organizations.
  • Promote the products through outlets, home delivery, and online basis.
  • Enhance market opportunities for organic products.
  • Retail outlets offering organic products with local business partners.